1. The First Portrait of My Sister
    2014, oil on linen, 12 x 16in. 

  2. Touch 2, Touch 1
    2014, oil on paper (box), 2.75x 2.75in. 

    made exclusively for the Marquis De Luna Chocolatier

  3. Andrew, in the Woodpile (Dämmerung) 
    2014, oil and acrylic on canvas paper, 8x10in

  4. Study for ‘M In the Kitchen'
    2014, acrylic on panel, 7.5x10.5in
    Private Collection

    Exhibited at the invitational “Panorama” for Rockland Center for the Arts, 2014.

  5. Andrew, Checking (in the bath)
    2013, oil on canvas, 5x7in
    Private Collection

  6. Shift
    2008, fresco secco, 12x15in. 

  7. Study for ‘Andrew, In the Bath’
    2011, oil on matboard, 8x11in
    Private Collection 

  8. The Red Braun
    2000, oil on canvas, 24x12in (detail)
    Bethany Lutheran College Permanent Collection

  9. Andrew, Drying
    2011, oil on metrocard, 2x3.5in (5.5x8.5cm)
    Private Collection 

    Exhibited in Single Fare 2, Sloan Fine Art, NY. A photo of Charis’ artworks was included in these news stories about the exhibition:  

  10. Preparation
    2008, oil on canvas, 14x12in. 
    Private Collection 

    Exhibited in Water / Bodies, Eden Rock Gallery, St. Barth’s, 2009,
    and the Outside In, Piermont, NY 2014

  11. Dad’s Hands, After Working on the F350
    2011, acrylic and crayon on paper, mounted on panel, 8.5 x 11in

    for Self Portrait as a Monster Truck, Vol. 2 : The Reckoning
    Opening Thursday, September 15,  6 - 9 pm
    Kleio Projects, 153 1/2 Stanton Street, (LES) New York, NY

  12. Dad’s Heart (Self-Portrait, after the Surgery) DETAIL
    2010, oil on canvas, 18x24in

  13. Dad’s Heart
    2009, crayon on paper, 12x14in.

    Exhibited in DRAW traveling exhibition, curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey, New York, NY

  14. Falco
    2008, oil on canvas
    Private Collection 

  15. Dad’s Heart (small)
    2011, oil on metrocard, 2x3.5in (5.5x8.5cm)